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The lab    


The lab is located at the D’Or Research and Education Institute (IDOR), and it is associated to the Institute of Biology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

As an academic unit, the lab gathers roles in research, development, education of scientists and innovation, but it also shows an industrial personality in order to serve to a national and international demand in the biotechnology area, including the delivery of services to the sector.

It is a reference center in training of personnel for culture and manipulation of stem cells.


In 2009 the National Laboratory of Embryonic Stem Cells (LaNCE) was launched in the University Hospital of UFRJ. Due to a scientific cooperation agreement between UFRJ and IDOR, the lab ran by Stevens Rehen was transferred to IDOR, where it stretched its activities beyond those originally planned for LaNCE.  

Hundreds of Brazilian and foreign students have been trained in the lab’s quarters.


To develop knowledge and to offer processes and services of cellular biotechnology, to educate specialized personnel and to generate technologies with the commitment of health applicability.


To be a reference center in cellular biotechnology processes and services, appealing to national and international collaborators that can contribute to the scientific development in Brazil. A research lab that draws trust, investments and recognition, making the development of different products possible with the commitment of health applicability.


Hygeia Applied Biotechnology
National Network of Cell Therapy (RNTC - Rede Nacional de Terapia Celular)

Financial Support


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